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Welcome to MainMUN

Hello and Welcome!


The MainMUN 2017 team is proud to present you this year’s committees!
This year we have doubled in committees, so we are gladly offerering 8 committees!
Our selection this year includes:

The Council of the European Union
The Executive Council of the African Union
The United Nations Security Council
The World Bank
The United Nations Environment Program
The World Health Organization
The United Nations Human Rights Council
The United Nations General Assembly

All these committees will be connected to each other, so that delegates will build country delegations this year, working together to represent their interests in all committees!

We are also happy to welcome our Press Team back. This year you will even be able to represent different newspaper and agencies during the conference.

Last, but not least, there will also be the option to represent a NGO in the simulation this year!

Registration will start October, 5 (Early Bird) for the 2017 conference (February 23.-26).

We hope, we were able to spark your interest, and to see you in February!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.


For more background information on our chairs, the committees, the topics and the MainMUN 2017 Team you can:


 We are looking forward to see you at the conference in February!

Header picture: © PIA Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Tanja Schäfer