Press Agencies

The Press Team was introduced to MainMUN during its 2016 conference to keep all delegates posted on the committee’s progress, crisis developments and of course the newest scoop from the gossip box.

At MainMUN 2017 we give our Press Team the chance to not only report on, but shape the debate and assume the role of a selected news agency. As a MainMUN 2017 journalist you will be able to investigate the latest action the delegates have taken, incorporate the stance of the private sector as well as state actors and report on their opinions and future steps.

As a country or private sector delegation you will have a budget at your disposal which you can invest in a network to gain firsthand information and, if possible, leaked intelligence from other delegates. As the press is a voice of the public, but often has its very own implicit bias, you can use your tools as a news agency to support ideas and governments that resemble your agency’s views and discredit those who do not. But beware not to lose your independence, and be exploited by governments or political groups.

Promote true heroes and uncover shady deals. Do not shy away from asking the hard questions because political influence does not only come from ministries, embassies and corporate headquarters.

The simulated news agencies will be represented by up to three participants and you can apply as an individual or with your friends (make sure to tell us in the comment section of the registration form). You are free to organize yourselves, move through the committees and ask the chair to interview delegates in private, all in accordance with the rules of procedure.

The selected news agencies are:
– The New York Times (USA)
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)
– Le Figaro (France)
– Al-Jazeera (Qatar/pan-Arabian)
– The Star (South Africa)
– Xinhua (China)
– Russia Today (Russia)



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