• Kaya Detschlag

    „Diplomacy is the art of letting somebody else have your way“ Age: 26 Course of Studies: Law and Japanology Interests: Traveling, Chocolate, Wine …

    Kaya Detschlag
    Secretary General
  • Ann Katrin Korb

    „Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they actually look forward to the trip.“ …

    Ann Katrin Korb
    Secretary General
  • Sascha Lucas

    „I’m getting ready to do something, too. I co-run MainMUN“ Age: 24 Course of Studies: Sociology/Political Science Interests: The Internet, Cooking Fun Fact: …

    Sascha Lucas
    Secretary General
  • Sebastian Troch

    To be announced

    Sebastian Troch
    Faculty Advisor
  • Tim Degener

    „What I like about the UN is that it takes some of the ugly out of politics and I like MUNs best when …

    Chair Executive Council of the African Union
  • Juliane Miller

    „Establishing a new UN body? Over my dead body!“ Age: young and sweet, only… eighteen Course of Studies: B.A. Politics and Law in …

    Juliane Miller
    Chair Executive Council of the African Union
  • Jan Fuhrmann

    to be announced Age: 25 Course of Studies: Political Science, M.A. Interests: Global politics an economics, playing guitar, skiing Fun Fact: I collect ties …

    Chair Council of the European Union
  • Marko Luković

    “You can’t spell ‘Marko’ without ‘MUN’. Also, my spelling is terrible.”   Age: 20 Course of Studies: Theatre, Film and Media Studies / …

    Marko Lucovic
    Chair Council of the European Union
  • Korhan Akdemir

    „Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli“ Age: 23 Course of Studies: Sociology & American Studies Interests: reading, travelling, food, too many Fun Fact: …

    Chair Security Council
  • Nathalie Ferko

    “MUN is like football – people from different cultural backgrounds who work together in a team/ as a unit will be successful, whether …

    Chair Security Council
  • Adriano De Vivo

    „MUN is like a box of chocolate, you never know what kind of committee you get“ Age: 23 Course of Studies: Economics Interests: Handball, …

    Chair World Bank
  • Hannah Tyler

    „Love, Trust and Carpe Diem“ Age: 23 Course of Studies: History, American Studies and Political Science Interests: Traveling and experiencing different cultures Fun …

    Chair World Bank
  • Bianca Danz

    „Preparing for MUN is basically just sending political memes back and forth.“ Age: 26 Course of Studies: M.A. Educational Sciences Interests: Travelling, volleyball, …

    Chair Human Rights Council
  • Karolina Schmid

    ”Just like the UN, MUN is constituted by honorable intentions meeting the reality of international politics – let’s see which one’s more tenacious!” …

    Chair Human Rights Council
  • Erik Buhmann

    “Tying a bow tie isn’t rocket science: It’s much harder!” Age: 25 Course of Studies: Physics (M.Sc.) Interests: Model United Nations (obviously), Nuclear …

    Erik Buhmann (1) Cropped
    Chair United Nations Environment Programme
  • Philipp Kupke

    “MainMUN is a little bit like a festival, but everybody wears suits or dresses and you learn about politics and diplomacy.” Age: 22 …

    Chair United Nations Environment Programme
  • Nadine Bierbrauer

    „MUN consists of highly motivated international students, realists and liberalists, who seek to come together to practice diplomacy.“ Age: 22 Course of Studies: …

    Chair World Health Organization
  • Venelina Neykova

    to be announced

    Chair World Health Organization
  • Aleksandar Ljubomirović

    To be announced

    WhatsApp Image 2017-01-18 at 15.44.33
    Chair World Health Organization
  • Sunanjay Bajaj

    „Before the thinking, comes the drinking.“ Age: In a constant state of flux Course of Studies: Medicine Interests: MUN-ing, Binge watching, Sports and …

    Sunny Cropped
    Chair General Assembly
  • Alexandra Boc

    to be announced

    Chair General Assembly
  • Moritz Limbacher

    „If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.“ – Seneca Age: 23 Course of Studies: International …

    Chair General Assembly
  • Gregor Beck

    “After spending the last years studying how to solve conflicts and establish peace I decided to join the crisis team and wreak havoc …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Benedikt Bieber

    „I participated in MainMUN for over ten years – as delegate, chair and staff member. It has been a huge part of my …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Moritz Golombek

    “Crisis is probably the best effort to prove the good old Thomas Hobbes right.” Age: 21 Course of Studies: Sociology, Philosophy Fun Fact: …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Alexandra Lassen

    To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy. – Will Durant Age: 21 Course of Studies: Political Science/Sociology Interests: …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Alev Özdemir

    „MUN is a group of idealists who try to save the day, or if your are in the crises team, to ruin it.“ …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Welela Samson

    „As far as it concerns the MainMUN crisis team, anything goes. And if you think something is unrealistic, just take a look at …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Deniz Zimmer

    „MUN means to me making new experiences and getting a deeper look at the decision-making process of the UN.“ Age: 28 Course of …

    Crisis Backroom
  • Marc Kerstan

    „People are open-minded, delegates generous and everyone is sharing a laugh after the session. Now imagine it was not an MUN.“ Age: 21 …

    Marketing & Finance
  • Merle Kreczinski

    „MUN is about making a pact with the devil or angel – you always have a choice“ Age: 24 Course of Studies: Japanese …

    Marketing & Finance
  • Henning Dabrock

    „Experiencing Diplomacy from the first row! That’s it what makes MUN so special.“ Age: 21 Course of Studies: B.A. Political Science and American …

    Event & Logistics
  • Robert Fedler

    “Der Krieg ist die Geisel der Menschheit”, which translates into something like „War is the hostage of mankind“ and was the attempt to …

    Event & Logistics
  • Sophie Pötzsch

    „There are many great ways to leave tomorrow behind“ Course of studies: Management & Philosophy Interests: Traveling Fun fact: On the picture I …

    Events & Logistics
  • Sara Skendaj

    “Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” Vincent Van Gogh Age: 23 Course of Studies: …

    Sara Skendaj
    Events & Logistics
  • Swantje Heyermann

    Delegates Service
  • Galyna Sheremeta

    Delegates Service
  • Felix Fromm

    “These who don´t want to change anything will lose everything they try to keep.  MainMun 2017 ­ – Yes, we care and make …

    Media & IT
  • Franziska von Puttkamer

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” …

    Media & IT
  • Olivia Harder

    „MUN is like writing a song; in the beginning you don’t really know where’ all this is going and things might be totally …

    Press Coordination
MainMUN 2018 | Team