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The registration is open until February 7, 2020.

Conference Fee

At MainMUN we will provide you with food, facilities, and services. In order to cover our expenses, the conference fee for each participant is 65€ (until November, 11) and 70€ after that. Faculty advisors/chaperones need to pay 65€ to attend. For processing of applications and payments MainMUN utilizes the MyMUN platform. Please be aware, that MyMUN will add a small fee to the prices stated above. This fee covers the secure processing of your payment and the usage of the MyMUN system. To compensate for this additional fee all delegates will have the opportunity to gift a free chocolate message to another delegate at the conference.

Please use the payment methods provided by MyMUN to pay your delegates fee.

Application for Delegations

MainMUN 2020 accepts delegations up to the size of 30 delegates.
Additionally, we urge the Faculty Advisor or the Head Delegate to sign up as well.
If your Delegation has members under the age of 18, these members have to fill out a consent form, and the faculty advisor must fill out the corresponding form to be able to participate. Both forms will be sent to registered faculty advisors.

Country Assignments

Thank you in advance for your understanding that we can only assign
a country to you after having received the conference fee. In case you haven’t transferred the conference fees, you are requested to proceed immediately.
If we have received your payment, we will send you your representing country and committee by the end of the year.
Please be aware that for The Summit (Crisis committee) and the United Nations Security Council we only accept candidates that have MUN experience. In addition please note that every country in every committee, other than The Summit, will be represented by a single delegate. In The Summit, two delegates will represent a single country.
We will try to provide everybody with the country of his/her choice.

Application for Entry

MainMUN 2020 cannot provide delegates with necessary documents providing entry into Germany.

Each delegate has to sign up for a visitor's entry certification via their local embassy. We are not responsible if your certification is not granted, you will have to investigate the reason why it has been declined yourself.

After we received your payment, MainMUN will provide you with a letter of invitation if needed. Be aware that this process takes some time! Please plan your appointment at the embassy accordingly! The letter of invitation states when and where the conference will be and what it is. It will not provide anything else, such as insurance or like.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that participants must be 16 years or older on the first day of the conference.
Our Terms and Conditions for applying to MainMUN can be found here:
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