The MainMUN conference stands for exciting and high-quality UN simulations every year. While the emphasis is to establish the MainMUN as a political event of high standards with high accessibility to all delegates, a UN conference has much more aspects to it. Behind the standard debates and discussion, behind the curtains, one may observe other actors intervening. For example, Non-Governmental Organisations have a history of action in UN conferences, where they might have spoken on important topics and which contributed to resolutions and general progress regarding the aforementioned topics. While these will also be implemented in the upcoming MainMUN, there is still one more party involved, that is not mentioned as frequently.

In order for all delegates to follow the fruitful debates in each committee, the media will occasionally cover parts of speeches, discussions and the general procedures of the MUN conference. This is why the MainMUN secretariat has decided in favour of an implementation of the press for a dependent representation of the conference. As there will be different political views at the conference itself, the press agencies will be represented by popular news platforms.

The representation of the conference will be done by our Media & Marketing team. Therefore, the press will not overload the discussion with political impulses but it can focus on shifting the topics of the conference in the required directions. In addition to classic newspaper articles, the press team members will have the opportunity of using multimedia coverage. Furthermore they will work closely with the MainMUN editors to gather more journalistic experiences of all kinds.

While written coverage will likely be the most utilised in covering the course of the conference, images and videos are also very welcome. That is why photographers and cinematographers are very welcome to cover the conference in their unique styles. One can use different methods of photography and perhaps countless ideas to form a short film for the duration of the conference. The MainMUN gives you the freedom to use your expertise and imagination to show, how well media coverage can look like.

Delegates may apply for the following press agencies:

  • The Guardian
  • Al Jazeera
  • China Daily

Each MainMUN press agency (e.g. China Daily) is made of two press delegates.

MainMUN 2020 | Press